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Browse through our listings of Maui Wedding Packages for $500 - $1000.
These Maui wedding packages are good choices for those who desire an intimate wedding ceremony. Many of these packages include a public beach or park location, two leis, a bridal bouquet, a keepsake marriage certificate, a minister and a non-alcoholic, sparkling beverage toast. Many also include assistance with obtaining the marriage license and coordinating the wedding as well as the coordination fee. Professional photographs are also included in some these Maui wedding packages. A smaller number of these Hawaii wedding packages also offer a wedding video or limo transportation. Wedding packages for Hawaii adventurers can also be found in this price range. Please note that inclusion in the list does not signify endorsement of the service provider and don't forget to check that the wedding officiant is licensed.

Hawaii Wedding

Beach or Oceanside Park Wedding Location
$545   Balmy Breeze more info
$550   Eternity more info
$550   Pakalana more info
$550   Sailing Catamaran Wedding more info
$550   Toes in the Sand more info
$550   Tropical Breeze more info
$565   Aloha Ku'u (My Beloved) more info
$575   Sweetheart Special more info
$585   Sweet and Simple with photos more info
$595   Barefoot on the Beach more info
$595   Tradewinds of Aloha (Wedding Package V) more info
$599   Golden Angel more info
$600   Kuau more info
$600   Morning Simplicity more info
$600   Waterfall, Garden & Beach Photo Plan more info
$650   The Aloha Package more info
$650   Hibiscus more info
$650   Ka Makana (The Gift) more info
$650   Wedding at Sea more info
$675   E Hoomau Maua Kealoha (May our Love Last Forever) more info
$675   Kukui more info
$695   Gardenia more info
$695   Ku'upio Precious Beach Wedding more info
$695   Pilialoha (Bond of Love) more info
$695   Simply Mauied more info
$700   Haku Package more info
$725   Tropical Sunset Package more info
$730   Karma more info
$750   Hawaiian Memories more info
$750   Maui Dream more info
$750   Ruby more info
$759   Simply Wonderful more info
$760   Hui Aloha (Unite in Love) more info
$775   Molokini Sunset more info
$775   Maui Memories more info
$790   Sunset Beach more info
$795   Basic Maui Beach Wedding more info
$800   Simply Maui more info
$825   Royal Palm more info
$840   O Kuu Aloha No O (You Are Indeed My Love) more info
$850   Photo & Video Plan more info
$850   Plumeria more info
$885   Pikake more info
$895   Makamae (Precious Darling) more info
$895   Maui Paradise Package more info
$900   Maui Sunset more info
$900   Tuberose Package more info
$925   Hawaiian Sunset Special more info
$950   Lokelani Bouquet more info
$950   Romance more info
$950   Romantic Sunset more info
$970   Tropical Breeze more info
$975   Tropical Memories more info
$989   Wedding in Paradise more info
$990   Hawaiian more info
$990   Ku'upio From the Heart Beach or Garden Wedding more info
$995   Beach Wedding more info
$995   Ocean Dream more info
$995   Plumeria more info
$995   Plumeria more info
$995   The Plumeria Package more info
$995   Tropical Mist (Wedding Package IV) more info
$997   Barefoot & Exquisite more info

Waterfall Wedding Location
$700   Natural Waterfall Wedding Location more info

Estate Wedding Location
$995   Orchid more info

Adventure Weddings
$695   Wedding at Sea  more info
$795   Underwater Wedding  more info
$960   Rainforest Romance  more info

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