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Camping Gear
camping or cabin permit required at some locations
water treatment/ purification (needed at some locations)
water necessary at some locations
insect repellent & sunscreen
first aid/bee sting kit
shower items soap, towel, toilet paper, etc.
headlamp/flashlight might need to bring extra batteries, depending on the camping location
rain jacket
tent don't forget the rainfly!
sleeping bag select a warmer bag if you plan to camp at higher elevations,
you'll need it... even in the summer!
You might also want to bring a sheet to use when it's too warm for the bag.
sleeping pad
pillow You can purchase a small travel pillow (& pillowcase) from Walmart or you can just use a sweatshirt, etc.
snacks/meals (needed at some locations)
some locations are close to restaurants/grocery stores whereas others are more remote
camping stove (optional at some locations)
You will have to purchase the camping stove fuel at a local store since you cannot transport the fuel on the plane. It can be difficult to find certain fuel canisters at some of the local stores, so you might opt to bring a liquid fuel burning stove (with an empty fuel bottle) instead.
matches or lighter
cooking pot (if you bring your stove)
spoon & mug (or a mess kit) (minimum dining items if you bring your stove)
other dining items could include a plate, bowl, (pocket) knife and spoon
water bottle/canteen
plastic bags needed at some locations to pack trash out; also for waterproofing items in your pack
camping chair (optional)
The lightweight Thermarest and Crazy Creek chairs (or something similar) won't take up too much space in your suitcase, if you don't mind sitting low to the ground.
sunshower (optional)
lantern (optional)
charcoal and firestarter purchase along the way to the campsite if the site has grills

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